A)  BOSA SECTION

 This section is made up of the following basic modules which form the minimum modules a Society requires to computerize Sacco Back Office Activities (BOSA).

1. Members Personal Accounts (MPA) System

2. General Ledger Accounting System. 

3. Dividends Preparation & Computation System


             BOSA add-on modules

 Other additional modules contained in the VALUEMIS SACCO SOFTWARE LIBRARY include:

             1Payroll System

2. Resource Management System (RMS): This is used in small/medium Commercial Business Operations/ Enterprises

3. Assets Management System (AMS)

4. Inventory System

5. Human Resource Management

6. Document tracking System

7. Fleet Management system



The Front Office Services Activity (FOSA) is a system which performs banking like activities for the SACCO. The system is fully integrated with the Back Office Sacco Activity (BOSA). With continuous growth of technology, the Sacco banking sector have moved in pace and this has given birth to additional sub-modules in the VALUEMIS FOSA to address unique FOSA products. 

FOSA add-on modules

 i) Mobile banking

ii) Internet banking

iii) Agency Access

iv) ATM - switch